Musing #6

What a life we live now in this world we create, Copying it with things we can relate. Replacing the originals which were once sown; Denying yourself because it is yourself alone, Why must others always take your place? Why is it that it’s only you yourself you can’t face?


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Part 1: The Start.

Blame me, hate me, Show it for all to see. But within this obsession I know what you hide, The guilt and jealousy of the spirit inside. Love and hatred born from the same, Love my life and hate your shame. What’s worse then never getting an outstretched hand, Is when inferiority makes its stand. […]

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My Smile.

A smile can heal a heart, Allow new relationships to start. A smile that is bright and true, Can chase away all the blues. My eyes face forward to another face, Seeing their lips quirk at my muscles trace. A mirror’s not the same, my smile doesn’t work there, Too much tension and strain as […]

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The Gallery.

Walking through this gallery, where timeless pieces wait, Seeing the paintings and sculptures born from our love and hate. Nature itself, so surreal and true, Touching the hearts of me and you. Such appreciative whispers, so many moved sighs, Yet as I look out the window I can’t help but wonder why We look at […]

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Love’s Rug.

Love, something we all chase, Whether it’s for ourselves or another’s taste. Running, walking, crawling, it’s all the same, Crying, screaming, wailing, as it’s ourselves we blame. ‘Cause love’s like a rug we keep walking on, Not seeing the prints as we’ve come and gone. But time shows the wear, the thread-bare as it’s worn, […]

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The Sword.

A great sword, you say you are, Never backing down, always moving far. But with such strides, rust is bound to grow, Thought to be replaced and brought down low. But the blacksmith’s care is still there And you’re not defeated, just in repair; But while it’s true that the cracks may remain, You’ve been […]

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Pt.2: The Thorns

So now you see this thorny path, Waiting and hiding till you start; And as you take that first step, You’ll feel them crawling around your neck. Blinded by the beauty you thought was right, Thorny visions now take your sight. Do you remember the question that the wind blows? Do you know the truth […]

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Musing #5.

Everywhere I turn there are just some mirrors around, Looking at me without making a sound. I don’t need you here to play, Agreeing without hearing a word I say. Why is it so lonely in such a full room? Where even with all the lights, my shadow looms.

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Their Light.

Born to a house, now they called me light I was there to stay within their sight. Here’s a bed made of thorns, they kept the rose petals light, And a pillow for my head, made from all their fights. A blanket too, of all their rue; from my heart they took a bite. Finally, […]

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Toxic Friends.

Dear Friend, I had lots of fun today, As we fought and you blew my happiness away. Dear Friend, I had a wonderful time, Learning that this smile on my face was a crime. Dear Friend, I love you so much, I know you do too, the knife in my back tells me such. Dear […]

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