Superman and Batman.

Boys love Superman and Batman, keeping them tucked in their hearts. God and Man, Strength and Mind but one will and goal which sets them apart. The child in his room, covered in bruises and scars, Dreams with Superman, flying him far. The child arguing with his father, remembers to see, The pain Batman felt, […]

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My Apologies.

An apology goes to my mum, For my acts against her which made her so done. I apologize I’m not a servant, I apologize I’m not a slave, That in the end, it was myself that I chose to save. I’m not the girl she wanted me to be, I was just someone who craved […]

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To Be Alone.

I was walking home when I saw the most peculiar thing, A couple of girls, urging another to do a casual fling. Not wanting to be alone, she does what they say, Later she’s sobbing on the bed she lays. Past her was a boy smoking weeds, For it was the advice of his gang […]

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Happy Hurts.

Happy hurts sometimes, we’ve all felt it before; The joy brushes over our scars, moves right to the core. Happy hurts sometimes, when you remember who’s not there; You live for them, making memories you’ll never share. Happy hurts sometimes and the tears fall fast, Sobs in your laughter, as it becomes a memory of […]

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A Party.

Hey guys, trying something new here! Tell me what you think 😀   As soon as we stepped into the room, we were mesmerized. The low, buttery lighting mixed with the flashing of the disco to create cosmos in front of our eyes. Banners and streamers fluttered through the air, never touching the ground as […]

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Our Love.

Our love is like the summer sun, There are times it feels like when you go to the beach to have fun. At others I feel the sweat soaking my shirt, The rough burn peeling me open in a world of hurt. Our love is like winter’s night, When the frost arrives to try and […]

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Miss Popular.

There she is, you can see her with ease, She’s fluttering everywhere, the Queen of her group of bees. You can hear the buzz they leave behind, From the groups of kids who love her with love so blind. Colored pink with Cupid’s rose, Watch her now, as she strikes a pose. Flash! The camera […]

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Here we stay with another night, The radio’s on and the stars our light. Another lullaby, that’s what they play, Another song to give us words we don’t say. Don’t give me another lullaby tonight, Don’t tell me that it’s worth the fight. When morning comes, there’s no way out, When morning comes, this song […]

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Princesses and Butterflies.

Here I see a child, Reading a storybook of Princesses and butterflies. “One day, that’s who I’ll be”, she smiles. Now all grown up, I still see her looking for her love, Moving through the years, head in the clouds above. So here it is, chapter three of her life, Where her Prince came amidst […]

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