Meanings in Words

You were the ‘art’ in my heart,Feeling so good as you did your part. You were the ‘good’ in goodbyeAs I fled from all the lies. But then you became the ‘cheat’ in cheating,The agent of memories so fleeting. Now your the ‘over’ in the lover of my life,Breaking me apart with this dull knife.

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Save Myself.

Invisible bonds hold me down Manacles on my mind, flowing through this town. Through my lungs, to my heart; To my feet, nothing left apart. My body the town, held captive by fear, The key in my soul, so far yet so near. Just one thought and they’ll be free, Just one forgiveness in my […]

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We pray to the angels high above,Safe in their castles, behind walls of love.A distant entity we all long to beBut still with our hearts working free.But what of the devils down below?In the place mortals fear to go?Well my dear can’t see see?They’re already with us, free like me.

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Pt 1: The Rose.

Disillusioned minds, the maniacs of life. Born to peace to make strife. But these misfits, truth, might just speak; Think carefully before you call someone a freak. So look deep, look under This beautiful image which can make you blunder. And raise your question which the wind blows, Find the truth beneath the Rose.

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A darkened sky covers the Earth, The misty battalion marching to prove their worth. Bullets of life rain from the sky But its watchers see it as making a bed for their blues to lie. So the people hide, looking for a rosy hue, Ignoring their easier breath when taking in the sweet scented dew.

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Drunken Heart.

Staying up till 4am, at this bar that’s my bed, Hit me with another round, give me something to clear my head. Oh, are those stars in the sky? Or just my mind getting high? They were sparkling in your eyes, I guess the alcohol lies. You gave me a taste of my wishful life, […]

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Sweet Dreams.

To be here dreaming again, Singing my songs which I may not sing again. How far in this dream may I wander, To see this face upon which I ponder. A sweet wink sent my way, A soothing melody I never say. For this dream is my last delight, May it last all through the […]

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The Limit.

Oh, how a feeling comes to life, The sparkling treats or the dark of night. Drops of each always remain, Mixed together but never the same. Bursting through or remaining steady, Coming to life when we’re never ready. So many thrust into a single day, So many that words could never say.

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Happy New Year!

Haaaaapy New Year! I’m a bit late but my new year started off with exams and tension so I’ll just officially start it today since I’ve now got a break. Hopefully all of you had a better start and will look forward to a new year which will be better than the last. I’d even […]

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Musing #4

Oh, how I wonder when this came to be? The light is so blinding that I can hardly see. The reason I turned back to look was because of a shove, And now I wonder when I filled this body with scars instead of love.

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