Turning into a Monster.

They say be afraid, you’re not like the others; Wolf among the sheep, you’ll prey when they’re asleep. Different DNA, one missing strand, For sanity or madness, the fate lies in their hands. Turn me into a monster please, the fall from grace is very short. (No, let me stay human, don’t worry if I […]

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The Princess and the Dragon.

There she is, the Princess in the tower, Longing and waiting, her beauty compared to a flower. “Come Dragon, come for me”, she whispers to the wind, Watching the pompous Princes as they grinned. All there for her hand, her body, her land; For through the kingdoms, her appearance was in high demand. “Oh Dragon, […]

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Fixing the Broken.

Fix what’s broken, that’s what everybody says, But our perception of the break, is the reason we should change our ways. Thousands of souls, thousands of thoughts, neither one the same, In this world, to make everyone the same is a dream dreamt in vain. We’re all trying to fix things but we can’t fix […]

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Quote of the Day.

In life, it’s better to assume that bad things will happen to you rather than good things. You can’t look at someone else’s success and assume that it will happen to you. There are a lot of people in the world, so it makes sense that one or two of them are going to be […]

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If a Mirror Could Speak.

I have glass eyes, for people to see clearly to my soul, See the shards it has become, see it break under the toll, Of people changing how they look, their eyes crying beneath, Looking more brittle than my glass skin, faces flushed with angry heat. But all I can do is show my glass […]

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A Chance.

You feel like you can do something if just given the chance, An opportunity’s all you need, you’ll prove to them you’re so strong But doors keep slamming in your face, regrets come with another day. You don’t need an opportunity to show your worth, Make one yourself, even if you get hurt. Brush off […]

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Kings and Queens.

I’ve heard the rain is there for people who don’t cry, The sweat of fruitless work, reaching up to the sky. Dull eyes ache with a tireless gaze, These are the only ones free unlike the others caught in society’s haze. But the more you see, the more you find, That you wished you had […]

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Cut From the Same Cloth.

Looking at the sky, I wonder what others would see. Is there a reflection we see in each others’ eyes? Can we see a piece of our pain in the souls just through one little peek? I wonder how emotions came to be, How did we classify each one, like numbers on a sheet? Is […]

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Battle of Man.

Once there was a heart, as bright as gold. Then the world came, and turned it to stone. Tears unshed, the well won’t spring. Scars on a body that refuses to bleed. The mind protests, the body strives on. The soul left to sort out the mess, to choose who’s wrong. The body strives to […]

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Superman and Batman.

Boys love Superman and Batman, keeping them tucked in their hearts. God and Man, Strength and Mind but one will and goal which sets them apart. The child in his room, covered in bruises and scars, Dreams with Superman, flying him far. The child arguing with his father, remembers to see, The pain Batman felt, […]

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